Frequently Asked Questions | MMS Academy

What is the credibility of this assessment-based certificate program?

MMS is a reputable, global CRO with subject matter experts teaching the course and evaluating the assessments. An assessment-based certificate program demonstrates your credibility in having understood the course content thoroughly enough to be able to apply it in a practical setting.

What is the payment policy?

The payment for each course is required at course initiation, after registration and prior to beginning of the first class. The mode of payment and course fees are detailed within each course during the registration process.

What if I don’t pass? Will I be allowed to retake the test?

This is an assessment-based certificate program and your understanding and completion of the assessment is required for the certificate. In the event you score below the minimal credentialing requirements, you will be allowed to retake the course and testing one additional time at no extra charge.

What time or duration is allowed for each course?

Course durations and other prerequisites or requirements are outlined in the course descriptions.

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